GOD, please empower me,
A humble and flawed but determined disciple
Allow the Holy Spirit to find a home in this worldly body,
So that it can become a more worthy
vessel of yours, the temple you intended
to better magnify LOVE to others and to glorify you O Lord,
through righteousness and hope.
So that I might be all that I can be in accordance with your will,
A voice for the voiceless,
An inspiration to the hopeless,
A messenger of your WORD to walk in your light.
Please pull me from the darkness of sin, and
Bless my hands for good deeds and works.
Have mercy on me.
Wash over me like a wave with your peace.
Show me the way and strip away these defects.
Remove all burdens that stand between us.
And I shall know an abundance of joy,
As I stand firm against my enemies in the forces of evil,
As I faithfully do your work,
Through Jesus Christ, your son, the light of the world…

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