We have evolved into a society in search of quick fixes for everything. The goal is a remedy to a singular symptom, again and again. Eventually, there are dozens of monolithic remedies with a complete disregard for the aggregated result. The notion of attacking our problems as a “symphony” of causes and effects is just not expedient enough for us. Hence, a comprehensive solution evades us.

Take for example, medicine, for nowhere is this problem more apparent and egregious.

This is my new friend, Dr. Tom Schneider.  He asserts that we are over-medicated and simply throwing pills at symptoms.  No one is looking at your heath picture holistically.  No one has a clue what this bucket of pills is doing to us either, in terms of immediate drug interactions now or cumulative effects down the road… Doctor A doesn’t know Doctors B-G, and there is no Doctor Z to reconcile the madness. In the post-Obama world, the arbiter of what is allowable and prescribable is likely a bureaucrat; while what is mandatory and, else, punitive is enforced by the IRS. Good luck.

A Physician’s Apology

Truth – Fact vs Opinion