People who know me know that I am deeply religious. However, I am also a Libertarian, in that I believe that anything virtuous must be freely chosen. While I might hope that you find Jesus and love him with all of your heart, I also acknowledge that neither I nor anyone else can force that. Nor can we legislate that. Nor can we legislate any tenets of Christian morality. I believe wholeheartedly in the Establishment Clause that provides for separation of church and state.

Let man be free—insofar as his freedoms do not usurp another’s freedoms. Government should be limited to the extent that it only limits a citizen’s ability to limit another citizen’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sometimes, someone asks me how I can possibly be anti-abortion and be a Libertarian. To me, it is glaringly obvious, and it has nothing to do with my morality. Here is the central point… A woman’s rights and a baby’s rights are NOT mutually exclusive. They are equally important. EQUALLY. We apply equality everywhere else in society. EQUAL. Spell it out, if you need to…