HE IS ALIVE.  HE IS RISEN, INDEED! ❤️ Thank you Jesus, for it is you to whom I owe my gratitude. You paid in blood for our transgressions so that we, too, might live. THANK YOU!

Without the resurrection, there is no church, no Christian faith. The apostles simply go back to doing what they did before–as fishermen, tax collectors, physicians, etc. When Christ was arrested and persecuted publicly, flogged, taunted and humiliated, the apostles were fractured, scattered, fearing for their lives and denying being a part of this “subversive” Jewish movement. They were in no frame of mind to risk life and limb to fully follow Jesus to their deaths. That is, until…

What happened next is not merely relevant to the faith, it is essential. Christ would have, otherwise, disappeared into the pages of time as an eccentric healer and philosopher…a “righteous dude.” Without the resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit, the apostles do NOT accomplish the astounding “acts” for which they are now credited–literally venturing relentlessly until death unto the far reaches of the known world, building churches and establishing Christianity for all people, for all time.

That group of apostles at the time of the crucifixion just a few days prior could not have found any such courage and mettle. They were timid and confused. Horrified. Upon the miraculous return of the most glorious and resurrected Christ, however, the lot–including Doubting Thomas–were convinced. He is risen. The Lord is risen, indeed.

Even non-Christian Jewish historians have since concluded that there simply is no other explanation for this transformation of the apostles. They TRULY believed Christ had risen from the dead. This inexplicable truth that is still doubted by billions of the living today was so life-changing apparently, that these men were able to then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, split up and traverse the seas and land for the rest of their natural lives in order to do the Lord’s work. Amazing. To Africa, Asia and Europe–risking life and limb–surviving imprisonment, stoning, torture and shipwrecks, they endured. The conversion of Paul, notwithstanding, the conversion of the twelve apostles was one of the most significant stories in human history…after the resurrection.