This is one of my favorites of all of Father Reid’s blog entries. I was listening to an apologetics debate yesterday on whether “once saved, always saved” protects the fallen. His assertion that “GOD’s truth is confirmed by lives of holiness, righteousness, and godliness” really speaks to me. A saved person is walking in the truth and the light of the spirit. It follows, possibly, that many who stray from the narrow path may never have known salvation and the Gospel truth in the first place. I do not believe it is wise for anyone to take salvation for granted, even if election is unconditional and not justified by works.


“Right belief (orthodoxy) leads to right action (orthopraxy). What one professes to believe and how one lives out their beliefs must be congruent. The gospel imperatives are to be obeyed by the believer, but one cannot live the truth unless one knows the truth and is in the truth. God’s truth is confirmed by lives of holiness, righteousness, and godliness. The truth of God’s Word is credible only to those who make a decision of faith, which is always by the grace of God (see Romans 10:17). “Faith in Christ is the pathway to a bona fide understanding of truth” (Donald Bloesch). Being grasped by the truth comes first followed by obedience which leads to being in right relationship with God. Some people become too much like the culture and adopt its attitudes and morals (syncretism); consequently, their gospel witness is compromised and ultimately not effective. The gospel and the…

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