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Asylum Watch

Fifty years after the race riots and protest marches that rocked America in the sixties and the passage of numerous civil rights laws, race is still an issue in America. Sadly, America did not fulfill Martin Luther King’s dream.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote an opinion piece on the fiasco taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. He ended his essay with this paragraph:

What will save us are not more elite and self-serving “conversations” about racial difference, but a new classically liberal effort to consider race irrelevant in our shared American culture. Perhaps if we started treating people as unique individuals and not as hyphenated and anonymous groups, we could deal with these tragic shootings as individual tragedies rather than collective conspiracies.

Clearly Hanson is right. The color of Michael Brown’s and officer Darren Wilson’s skin should be irrelevant. An incident occurred and should be fully investigated under the rules of law…

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