What’s in a word? Artful obfuscation? Maybe rhetorical window dressing? Lipstick on a pig? If it looks like war, walks like war and talks like war, it’s…um, well, it’s a counter-terrorism cupcake party. Don’t say the “w” word. Shhhhhhh…

Get real. Political correctness and crafty word selection does NOT magically impute a new reality into a very real situation. You may smack a fresh coat of paint on a rotting wooden board, call it lovely, but the board is still rotten. This White House takes us for wide-eyed school kids hanging on his every shifty word. If he suddenly suggests, “the sky is green” when it is clearly blue, we are to blindly believe it.

If we keep calling Islam a “peaceful religion,” it will not make it so. Even Bill Maher–an avowed enemy of all religions–was able to make a clear distinction between Islam and “peaceful” religions when he now famously spoke to Charlie Rose recently…

When Rose asked Maher how he knows that “vast majorities of Muslims” actually “condone violence,” he said many Muslims “shout it.” He also cited a Pew poll conducted in Egypt previously that showed more than 80 percent of Muslims believe stoning is an appropriate punishment for adultery.

“So, to claim that this religion is like other religions is just naive and plain wrong. It is not like other religions,” Maher added.

Whether it’s Islamic attacks on our embassies or Islamic attacks at Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, the World Trade Center et al and etc., calling it some sort of certified PC bogus baloney is intentionally misleading and demeaning. We know what we see.

Repeatedly asserting Islam is peaceful or suggesting war is “workplace violence” or some other euphemistic strife is a “core principle of (his) presidency.” To be sure, his hypnotic semantics are impressive. He will undoubtedly make millions selling the “PC Thesaurus” on his post-war book tour. But, I think he believes that we believe him. He is that powerful. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi mind trick, he’s got this.


It might work for his mindless groupies, but the rest of us are insulted by his pompous notion that what we can clearly see with our own eyes is not that at all–that it is somehow something else entirely. It is absurd.

The president must have been daydreaming about his pitching wedge during his daily intelligence briefings or dismissed what he was hearing when they repeatedly warned about he ISIS/ ISIL threat. Maybe in his unwavering arrogance, he is already “intelligent” enough. So, while he was lost in deep thought over his golf swing, the “JV team” (his expressed description of ISIS) got their proverbial “letter sweater.” Or, perhaps, Obama did not want to hear what his chiefs of staff and military advisors were telling him, because it did not square with his “peace and love” narrative. After all, he is the “post-racial,” “post-partisan” and “post-war” president. Yeah. How’s that working out for ya’? The Magician-In-Chief is an escape artist and a Jedi. Slick Willie was JV!

He tells us that ISIS is not Islamic. Are you serious? Obama did not just say that. Yes, I’m afraid so. Is he that naive? Ignorant? Hardly. He is really that smug, that his wondrous power of suggestion can jive us. I’ll put it like this, if ISIS is not Islamic, then well, the NFL is not football.


Some semantic hardships for the president:

*”Boots on the ground”
*”Combat troops”
*”Radical Islam”
*”Terrorist Attack” (i.e., “Hate Video” – Benghazi, “Workplace Violence” – Fort Hood) *”War on Terror”

John McCain seems as if he is going to have an aneurysm when he hears this administration do things like announce our troop withdrawals and our proclamations of “disarmament. Last week, he quoted John Kerry as calling potential action in Syria as an “Unbelievably Small” attack. I suppose that is like a “kinetic military action” in Libya.

One day, we will go to Congress to authorize military action for WAR. Until then, Obama will just be shoveling the same ole shit and calling it sugar.