Lord GOD, Thank you for sustaining us in grace and for showing us your abundant love and mercy.
Thank you for your truth in The Lord Jesus, that we shall know him better and live in gratitude by his dominion over us.
Lord, how can I not be humbled by your majesty?
I need only look up into the skies and behold the magnitude of your power and presence.
I am but weakly flesh that is mired in continuous need and selfish desires. Cloaked in pain and degeneration.
My spiritual self contains the promise of learning your word and receiving your wisdom in time.
I seek your power of anointing and patiently wait for the gifts of the spirit to fill me so that any aspiration or achievement in this life or in the next is to the glory of your name alone.
And by your will, all shall be done so that any purpose for which you call me shall I cherish
Please speak to me so that I know where you wish me to go and what you have for me to do.
For I ask this all in the name of Jesus, who lives with you and the Holy Spirit, one GOD, now and forever, Amen…