Praying for Deacon Rick’s healing. The following blog entry is so very “real” to many of us–not always knowing how to parse “our own will” from his divine will. I certainly experience this dilemma daily as I seek to make myself available for the purposes of his kingdom AND, too, submitting my personal petitions. May we trust in him unwaveringly and have patience in wait while his plan sometimes unfolds…slowly.

Deacon Rick

This morning one of the devotionals we listened to was on Jesus teaching persistence in prayer through the parable of the widow pestering the stubborn, unjust judge (Luke 18). I responded by asking the Lord again for healing, restoration, recovery from the brokenness of the stroke that came over a year ago.

Later in the morning I told the Lord I didn’t mean to be “double minded.” I knew I was asking for a healing that would only be temporary. I will die eventually and old age is normally filled with weakness and failing health.

Then I pointed out to Jesus that ALL the healings he did in the Bible were temporary. Those people eventually died. But Jesus healed them in the meantime.

One of the great meditations I read from Bishop John Howe pondered why Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus. Was it because Jesus knew he was…

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