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S y d n e y T r a d s

button - quote - flemming - new right papersEvery so often I am provided with a piece of writing, where the author purports to be a “conservative”, so that I may offer comment as to its bona fides. The state of popular conservatism being what it is, particularly among the student population, I have become accustomed to being presented with confused pieces where the authors produce a milieu of neo-conservatism and classic liberalism, spiced up with a few libertarian impulses for good measure. However, this time I have been asked to comment upon one of the most nauseatingly misguided pieces of writing I have ever had to comment upon, so-much-so that it serves as a useful example of what young conservatives on campus should use as a guiding example of what to avoid.

The piece entitled “Islam and Islamophobia in Australia”, published in Sydney University’s Conservative Club journal The Sydney Tory1 is wonderfully instructive in exposing everything…

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