Words to live by… Offered by my spiritual mentor, pastor and friend, Father Reid Hensarling:


“The divinely inspired Scriptures are Christianity’s final and supreme authority and the only inerrant and ultimately sufficient and necessary rule and guide for faith and practice. Because God has graciously taken the initiative and revealed himself by clearly speaking to us in Holy Scripture, biblical truths can be learned and incorporated into daily living. Additionally, the Scriptures are unsurpassed in their clarity and witness to the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. The Old and New Testaments are dynamic and eternal written records of the words and actions of God and man’s corresponding reaction to God’s revealed word, displayed in myriad and varied acts of obedience and disobedience. Examination of the biblical accounts in the Old and New Testaments point to the significance and impact of the gospel to bring spiritual renewal to their people. God addressed his people through his words in concrete situations and historical events” (My doctoral dissertation)…

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