Depression. What now? I’ve done everything I was supposed to do. Done. Is this all there is? Surely not. I have played the corporate roulette. I have gone as far as I care to go in the casino, and now it is time to find my room. It would seem that I ought, perhaps, cut my losses and just make for the cashier with what chips I have left.

This is an all-too-real phenomenon. And, it happens to almost everyone. People do some strange things to try and cope with the MLC. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Cars, Trips, Houses, Fitness. Botox, Clothes and Shoes. Obsessions. It is whacky to be sure. It is pathetic.

What happens is you get there, there is no prize, and you freak. The people like your parents really didn’t know as much as you thought they did. You tried it their way; you listened. You followed. And, there was no payoff. WTF? If you thought you revolted as a teenager, wait until you turn 40. You grow up and find out those people were all idiots who could barely get their own pants on each morning. Their marriages all ended up in trash heaps behind the alleys. Stinking but swept as far out of sight as possible.

It’s like hitting the proverbial wall. The world was your oyster when you graduated college. There was sooooo much out there–if only you could reach it. Self-help gurus and Oprah and prosperity snake oil salesmen behind their pulpits… Everyone telling you how to be successful. There was so much to take in. It was infinitely exciting. Every day spawned a new possibility. There were so many options, that failure simply meant picking another.

As life goes on, we start grasping at straws and assuming more and more responsibility, in an effort to find satisfaction. We take on too much and soon we launch a thousand swords into the air and close our eyes as we wonder how we shall catch them all. Then we don’t.

What happens next is up to you. Choose wisely…